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Hi there, fellow Kindler!Quick question…

How would you like to get access to one of the biggest advantages that you or anyone could ever have as an Amazon Kindle Publisher?

Hey fellow book author,

If you’ve ever wanted to know what REALLY WORKS when it comes to Kindle publishing…

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What if I shared with you everything I’ve done and everything that I'm currently doing in my own 6 figure Kindle business to get incredible results?

I'm taking about all of my proven tactics, tools, systems, templates, latest discoveries, new ideas, and more…

… all handed to you on a silver platter every single month, so you can continue to grow your Kindle passive income, using the stuff that's actually working today.

Introducing, the KCF Black Box

As a member of KCF Black Box, you’re getting everything (and I mean everything) we’re using to generate $100k and more per year!

Not just what’s worked before, but what’s working NOW…

… including our brand new methods, tools and tactics we’re discovering every month after testing them in our own Kindle businesses first.

I'm Talking About:

Private Training Webinars on What’s Working NOW!

Secret Tools We’ve Started Using To Save Time/Make More Money

Proven Templates From Book Outlines, Emails, Ads and So Much More

Breaking News That Cover Amazon’s Latest Changes Each Month and How to Adapt Your Business to Stay On Top

And So Much More!

Honestly, this monthly membership is packed with so much fresh, up-to-date training and resources, I can’t possibly list every single thing we'll cover.

But know this…

You won’t find a more in depth resource that’s based on what REALLY works on Kindle today. I guarantee it!

As you know, I’ve built a million dollar Kindle income and taught hundreds of other people to do the same.

Kindle Cash Flow is where I’ve always shared what works with other authors, and allowed people like you to enjoy passive income from home, having fun in the process. But the KCF Black Box is totally different...

This is the first time I’ve finally gathered all the tools, resources and training that’s working TODAY into one central location for you to profit from.

It’s where I’ll be sharing cutting edge strategies that I’ve only just figured out and tested for myself, hot off the press, before anyone else.

In fact, the stuff I’ll be sharing in the monthly Black Box membership will NEVER be shared in public.
This is for real go-getters… the self publishers who want the latest tactics and tools to grow their passive Kindle income… and always be prepared for the latest changes at Amazon.

Here’s a taste of what we’ll be covering inside the KCF Black Box club… 

  • New ways to create books faster and easier than ever before
  • New tools that save you hours of backbreaking work designing, writing, marketing and selling your books
  • New tricks for outselling the competition in the hottest niches on Kindle right now
  • ​New ways to design eCovers that grab attention in today’s world
  • ​New ways to use social media to drive thousands of free clicks to your Kindle listings and website every single week
  • ​New ways to create funnels that sell even better than before
  • ​New ways to email your list to get them to open, read, click and buy your books and other offers
  • ​New ways to sneak to the top of Google, using their latest algorithms against them (legally, of course!)
  • ​New ways to create ads that get cheaper clicks based on countless tests spending our own money to get results 
  • ​New ways to sell more books with pricing strategies that work like magic this year!
Plus all of the new time-saving, money-making tools, templates and other secret weapons we’ll be discovering, testing and using from month to month!

You’ll see exactly what’s working TODAY .

Including the funnels, the targeting, the processes, the writing and design tips… to help grow your recurring income every month!

Never get left behind.

As a member of KCF Black Box, you’ll never have to worry about new changes happening at Amazon, Google, Facebook or anywhere else. We’ll keep you in the loop and making you money, every month.

You’re getting my actual systems, methods, templates and tools that I use to make $200,000 per month…

… including all the latest discoveries I’m making in my own business, so you can constantly stay on top of what’s working NOW.

There’s no guesswork.

I’m handing you a backstage pass to see the REAL LIFE systems I’m using to make millions per year with my own digital publishing business.

  • You’ll avoid years of backbreaking work trying to learn this stuff by yourself.
  • You’ll sidestep months of confusion and wasted money.
  • ​You’ll bypass the frustrating mistakes I had to make getting to six figures and beyond.
I’m handing you a backstage pass to see the REAL LIFE systems I’m using to make millions per year with my own digital publishing business.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed before. The KCF Black Box will give you everything you need to crush it with Kindle!

There’s no way for you to fail, as long as you show up, stick around and use the stuff we share with you every month.

Remember, you’re getting the real, proven secrets and systems from someone who walks the walk. Including everything that’s working TODAY.

So, you’ll never have to worry about using some outdated, done-to-death system that no longer works.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to this, or if you’re already coasting along with Kindle.

This monthly club will keep you up to date and running your business efficiently, profitably and enjoyably, month to month.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve failed before too… I’m going to show you the RIGHT way to publish like a pro and turn a simple side hustle into six and seven figure business.

You’re getting all the insider secrets I’ve kept hidden from the public, that has allowed me and my students to get where we are today…

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All of their secrets and mine are waiting for you inside KCF Black Box!

$47 per month.

Forget the hype and theory that amateur coaches want you to believe will work.

Forget the months or even YEARS of wasting time, trying to figure all this stuff out by yourself, following systems and using tools that were never going to work for you.

Now you can proceed with confidence, knowing that everything you’re doing, using and learning is based on WHAT TRULY WORKS TODAY.

So you can go from struggling and frustrated, to banking the kind of passive cash that most people will only dream of...

$47 per month.

Why would I share my secrets with you?

If I’m making all this money, why bother teaching my secrets to you at all?

One reason:

I love teaching this stuff, and seeing people who were borderline BROKE getting their lives back on track, saving their marriages, having better relationships with their kids, and generally, living the life they deserve to live. I get a real kick from seeing that happen.

Some might think I’m creating competition for myself. But it just doesn’t work like that.

When you realize how many books are out there…

... and how many MILLIONS of people are buying them every day…
… and when you have a system for making as many sales as you want…
… you don’t worry about the competition so much :)

But, can you really trust me?

If you’re not familiar with me, I’m Ty Cohen. Over the past 10 years, I’ve built a six-figure Kindle publishing empire from my own home. I’ve also taught my own family how to do the same, along with thousands of other students just like you.

I’ve made all the mistakes, spending years trying to figure out what works when it comes to Kindle publishing for max profits.

I don’t expect you to believe a word I’m saying, but I know the truth and a quick Google search will show you I’m the real deal.

The only way for you to discover your true potential and put my claims to the test is by joining KCF Black Box and seeing the incredible game-changing secrets we reveal in your first month with us.

If you don’t agree that the publishing secrets I share each month can help you avoid all the agonizing mistakes, hard work, frustration and wasted money, then you can leave the club at any time.

Honestly, starting a Kindle business is so simple that I don’t really get many questions. But, below I want to cover the 3 most frequent ones.
The best thing I can tell you is that KEEP IT SIMPLE. The power of this business model is the simplicity of it, that’s exactly why now in almost 8 years, my system has barely changed.
Alright, ready?
Here are the 3 most asked questions - answered.

Can you afford to pass this by?

The way I see it, you’ve got a simple choice here...

Keep buying books, courses and coaching that’s created by people who have never sold a book in their lives (and are most likely copying old tactics that stopped working months ago)

And you can keep struggling, guessing and doubting what you’re doing, losing out on thousands of dollars in book sales each month that you could have been making with us

Or you can invest a tiny bit of pocket money to become a member of KCF Black Box today…

… and quickly turn your Kindle hustle into a six figure passive income machine faster than you ever thought possible.

Just imagine the pay off...

Look, I’m not sure what an extra $1000 in passive cash is worth to you per week, but I know that it changed my life… and my family’s lives too.

But when you get to the stage I’m at…

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Well, let’s just say...

I get to do what I want, when I want.

No arguments about money.

No working long hours and never seeing my kids.

No boss or B.S office politics.

Life is gooood.

And it can be good for you too. I promise.

What’s all that really worth to you?

Surely, more than $10,000 right?

Well, good news.

Because access to KCF Black Box is way less than $10,000 today.

Not even $5000.

Hey, I’m serious.


… for just $47 per month!

Yeah, for real.

That gives you access to everything we’ve talked about today:


And basically, everything that’s PROVEN to work for all of us… along with brand new stuff that we’re testing and getting results with from month to month.

There's Just One Catch...

You Have To Qualify.

If you’re lazy, negative, entitled, or easily distracted, then you’re not going to fit in around here.
We only want serious go-getters who leave their egos at the door and are prepared to listen and execute on our advice.

Click the order button below to get access at this low price before it’s too late and you miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

So, what’s it going to be?

Are you going to keep struggling, guessing, testing, learning and slowly chipping away trying to find a way through to the real money on Kindle?

Are you going to keep spending $100’s on outdated training products that promise you the Earth but leave you feeling even more confused than when you started?

Or are you going to let me SHOW YOU what’s working RIGHT NOW for me and hundreds of other Kindle publishers to earn thousands per week on Kindle, in just hours per week?

The choice is yours, but time is rapidly running out.

Think carefully, but think fast… because only 17 more people will get access to this life-changing monthly training!

Will it be you?

Wait, there’s more…

Join Now And Get ALL Of These Bonuses For Free!


How to Set up Your Bookfunnel Account

Learn how to set up your complete book funnel account and get it ready for distributing books and joining promos to help you grow your brand and build your audience at the same time.


How To Set Up Your Mailerlite Account

Learn how to create your own branded Mailchimp account and set it up for sending automated messages to your readers as well as capturing their names and emails to sell more books!


How To Set Up Pixels

In this training you’ll learn how to track your readers click data on your FB social media advertisements, so that you can retarget them later with more profitable advertising efforts.


How to Hack Your Competitors Emails

Learn how to hack and study your competitors emails and use the very same feel good headlines and messages they use to sell thousands of books every single month.


How to Use Bookfunnel Promotions

In this training you’ll learn about book funnel promotions and how to use them to explode your mailing list with hungry readers who want to buy and read your books every time you send an email. 


5 Steps To Self Publishing on your Own Using Amazon Kindle

Learn 5 steps to self publishing on your own using amazon kindle that will simplify the process, increase book sales and grow your author brand. 


Outsourcing Systems

In this training you will learn what it takes to put together your team of ghostwriters that deliver books in your sleep so you can wake up and publish in a few clicks on Amazon Kindle.


Learn How To Create Book Trailers

Learn how to put book trailers together that you can publish to Youtube to drive more traffic, increase book sales and attract hungry readers who want to buy and read your books. 


Giveaway Contests

In this training you’ll learn how to create giveaways for your readers that will drive them crazy enough to shower you in hundreds of likes, tags and shares on your social media posts. 


Author Swaps (Networking)

Learn how to network with bestselling authors that will email your books to their readers that will get you FREE sales, exposure and more readers attracted to your brand.


6 Quick & Easy Ways to Overcome Creative or Writer’s Block

Learn 6 quick and easy ways to overcome creative or writers block in this easy to learn training. We will uncover exactly how you can overcome these blocks and earn more from your books in this new mindset.


5 Ways To Boost Your Book Sales

Learn 5 ways you can use to boost your book sales and skyrocket your month to month authors royalties on a consistent basis 


7 Steps To Making Your First $1,000 With Amazon Publishing

Learn these 7 steps that could lead you to making $1000.00 month to month in Amazon Kindle royalties.


How To Finally Get Going With Kindle Publishing In 15 Minutes Or Less!

In this training you will learn in 15 minutes or less what it really takes to get going with Amazon Kindle Publishing and how you can get started as soon as today! 


When Is The Best Time To Publish Your Book(s)? - What Should You Stay Away From Publishing?

Learn when it’s the best time to publish your books for maximum reader attention and what you should stay away from when publishing to Amazon Kindle.


How to Find Great Fiction Topics to Publish to When You Don't Know Where To Start

Don’t know where to start? In this training you’ll learn how to find Fiction topics and ideas that sell like crazy and are super easy to dominate with your own books.


How to Find Great Non-Fiction Topics to Publish to When You Don't Know Where To Start

Don’t know where to start? In this training you’ll learn how to find Non-Fiction topics and ideas that sell like crazy and are super easy to dominate with your own books.

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