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Hi there, fellow Kindler! If you're reading this, we're already on the same page, and I already know a few things about where you're at.

You know how tough it is to be an author in the digital era. They can practically call it the "broke author" era - the battlefield is THAT rough.

Some sometimes those burdens can drain you of your energy, rob you of your time and make you wonder whether being an author is worth it.

Looking at a blank page and not knowing what moves to make next can be very hard. 

But the problems don't STOP with writing anymore.

You're often looking at a list of talented graphic artists and wondering: "which ones make the covers that aren't just pretty, but lead to sales?"

You're struggling to find the time to promote. 

You're struggling to find the money (or even the TIME!) to hire and bring other people into the business. And when you do, those employees come and go, are sick or untrustworthy. 

You're dealing with long, negative cycles in your life, constantly rolling the ball up the hill only to have to fail and go back to the bottom, over and over. 

If you only take one thing away from your business, let it be this - you don't HAVE to put up with that kind of stress.

There is a PATH to more consistent success.

With that lifestyle with that mindset and with those results, and you want something that is totally new. Something that's based on getting financial freedom. And in order to really have that true picture of financial freedom... we need to analyze it and understand it.

If you understand what LEADS to success, then it becomes a lot easier to actually claim it.

It's a little like Tony Robbins put it: SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. So why are people financially free? What do they all have in common?

Because the assumptions that we make about how we can get from point A to point B will have a big impact on the moves that we choose to make, the courses that we choose to take (in both the educational and the lifestyle senses) and it has a big impact on where we finally end up. 

So what are some of the things that popular culture teaches you about financial freedom?

1. Working hard enough will get you financial freedom.

There are some people that say working hard enough will get you financial freedom and, frankly, those people are completely wrong! 

The hardest working people that I've ever spoken to were retail workers, housekeepers, nurses, janitors, construction workers. I haven't done all of these jobs myself, but I have worked retail for a long portion of my life - working at a place like Walgreens is one of the most draining jobs I've ever had. 

You are on the VERY bottom of the social totem pole, every customer that comes into the room can boss you around - and every employer with an axe to grind can grind it, all right -  right on your spine. 

And you're doing the most brutal physical labor: you're stocking, you're moving, you're standing on your feet for eight hours a day. And in my situation, I was riding the bus to get to the Walgreens, so that added a couple extra hours of time RIDING, walking and getting from point A to point B, barely making enough money to live... it was no good. 

Hard work is a must, but hard work alone won't even get you to a living wage, let alone the kind of personal financial independence that you're on this page to find.

Let's cross hard work off the list.

2. Education will get you financial freedom.

Well, education can really be a key to success! More educated people tend to know more about the world around them and the steps they need to take to get ahead. 

It feels like education is kind of a close answer, but it's not everything. 

Lots of people go to school for tons of time, and they find that degree left them in CRUSHING debt. Some educations are so prized that they become prohibitively expensive for all but the super rich... we'll come back to this in a little bit. 

But education can be a false direction. If that education is in the wrong field. 

Think of all of the history students and English majors - they're very well educated in valuable things, but are underemployed. 

Think of even the term underemployed, it's a word that's reserved for people who have great education, but aren't getting the results that their education merits. And of course some of our most valuable jobs (think of teachers) are people who are extremely educated but are just in a position where society doesn't value the work that they do. 

It's hard to get anywhere without knowledge, but formal education might not be the exact answer that we're looking for. Let's cross education off the list. 

3. Is It Talent? Are you just born with the right skills?

Well, maybe for some people, their talent just jumps off the page, and every time that they have a social meeting... the talent is just overwhelming. 

Some people are just made to be at the top. They dress better, they talk better, they write better. 

But I would say that the kind of talent that rockets you to the top of your field is one in a million! 

There aren't very many people who have made it to the top just on pure talent and of course, there are lots of people at the top who are not purely talented. 

Just look at me - I'm a Super Publisher on the Kindle platform and I've had tons of success in practically every genre that you can think of, but I wouldn't say that I'm incredibly talented. 

I'm an average writer at best. I know how to set a schedule. I work hard and I know how to delegate. I'm not once in a billion - but still I provide a pretty comfortable, a stable life for my family. That's a cool thing. 

I would say that talent, can be a huge factor if you're a one in a million type, but for most of us, talent alone can't do it. I haven't even said anything of the many talented people who wasted their gifts because of laziness or an unstable situation at home that smothered their opportunities. Let's cross talent off the list. 

Look At The LIFESTYLES and the WORKFLOW Of The People Making The Money... You Might Learn Something!

This Really DESERVES A Closer Look!

What is it that most people who are at the top have in common? And what does it take for you to get this. Well, a lot of people who are reading this letter will say: "A lot of people who are rich come from rich families - that allows them to get good education. And if they have talent, their family helps them make the most of their talent."

This is a pretty close one as well. Having a well to do family means you have a support network, and those people can pitch in for you financially, they can also pitch in for you mentally and emotionally.
And the more that you think about it, the more that that support network is really at the key of what drives success and financial freedom. 

People who are financially successful tend to know other people who are financially successful they share tips, they help each other out. Sometimes they give each other loans, they're a little like a cabal or a cartel. They all work together to ensure each other's success, and their continued presence at the top. It's not a conspiracy it's just what people do when they're together. 

Networking is a big key to success. 

What's the other key?

Well, it's probably mental discipline. 

We know lots of people who come from rich families and seem to have every advantage in the world, but their comfort gives them a lack of discipline. 

They don't need to focus on a goal, they don't need to put their blood, sweat, tears and toil into it and because of that they can often get distracted or fall off the golden, but narrow path to success. mental discipline is a must. There are a few people who have really succeeded without it. 


And when you have these kind of tools, you can get started, you can get rolling a lot faster than you normally would, on your own, and have the kind of dream, that's important to you, you can act on your dreams, too. 

When you are in a network, that means that you're going to write faster books, you're going to make connections with JV partners, you're going to understand bio templates and how to email and follow up with your readers. You'll also be able to diversify your income, so that you are having multiple streams of income.

When you have all these things together you are going out of speed that is accelerated. You're going faster than you could go just working on all of these aspects by yourself. It's a speed that is practically impossible for the average person to reach. 

How can the average person who has no knowledge of these tools and tactics, be expected to learn about writing, learn about publishing, learn about promoting, and somehow find the social networks that they need in order to get promotion and get off the ground?

It's extremely rare as evidenced by the very low number of people who actually get it done. 

Facts are these - writing your book is not what makes your book sell. There are a lot of books that have been written and are pretty darn good but don't sell. 

You already know how to write a book. You know how to structure it you know how to come up with great ideas, you probably know how to do a little research, and maybe you've even designed one or two covers along the way. 

It's extremely disheartening and depressing to work so hard on your book, only to find that the real struggle isn't the time that you spend writing... 

The real struggle is the struggle to turn, what you write into something that makes a profit.
Well, it takes an education to really understand how to write in a compelling way, even if you didn't go to some fancy University. You earned your education through experience time and effort, and hard work is what it takes to write an entire book. 

(Even if it's a short book!)

But, education hard work clearly aren't enough because there are so many books that have been written and all of them aren't making money. Just take a look at the Amazon Kindle bookstore, you'll see SO MANY good examples of the kind of hard work that goes nowhere and THAT'S what I've been trying to explain to you here.

So Instead Of Looking For A Talented Writer To Teach You How To Work Hard... Find A Talented Business Person Who Is Part Of A Money Making NETWORK.

We know how to prove that you are a legit expert in the field. 

We've got a proven system that produces powerful publishing businesses for high-ticket students and clients already.

Every time we sit down with someone. All they have to do is watch their business and plug in what's missing - then watch their success. It's not always easy, but it is simple to do. 

We have that formula, and I believe that formula is the missing ingredient for a lot of good people who are good writers, but have gone through these scenarios of loss and regret and falling short over and over again... because they are not understanding that success leaves clues. 

And if you leave this page with one piece of knowledge, it should be the knowledge that success leaves clues, no matter where you look. It's just that most people aren't thinking of success on a big enough scale! It is not just about having the right ideas. 

It is about being in an inner circle so, frankly, you can leave this page and you can find a lot of people who are teaching, but you will not find many people who have the network of results that I am here to show you. 

Honestly, starting a Kindle business is so simple that I don’t really get many questions. But, below I want to cover the 3 most frequent ones.
The best thing I can tell you is that KEEP IT SIMPLE. The power of this business model is the simplicity of it, that’s exactly why now in almost 8 years, my system has barely changed.
Alright, ready?
Here are the 3 most asked questions - answered.

The Author's Inner Circle:
A Select Community Of People Who Have Turned Their Dreams Of Being A Powerful Kindle Publisher Into
A Reality.

And it's not just a reality that is something that lets them squeeze in a little bit of writing on the weekends with their family it's something that allows them to run a business. 

It's something that gives them extreme financial security, but it also gives them extreme financial mobility, and that is the kind of thing that you need if you are looking for the personal freedom to do what you want...

And let's talk a little bit about that personal freedom. It's the kind of personal freedom that the difference between making $2,000 a month, and to $20,000 a month. 

Between a job replacing income and total financial independence.
Part of that is understanding, and knowing. Part of that difference is understanding that it's possible. It's rubbing shoulders with people who are already crushing it and can tell you the details of that success. 

Financial freedom means being able to put something on a credit card, without needing to know your exact balance. It's being able to buy something at a restaurant without checking your ATM or pulling out your phone and looking to see what the balances on the account. 

It's being able to be a car person after looking at these cars on the pages of magazines your whole life - but finally getting to drive one in real life with a certain amount of respect from that dealer who sees that you're a serious customer. 

It's the look of pride that your wife has in her eyes when she is talking about you to her friends because she knows that you're somebody who can get the job done. 

This is a way to live a different lifestyle.

It's a way for you to write more books, have more fans, and cash more checks than your competitors in the niche.


Direct Access To Personal Coaching

You're getting personally trained by the entire Kindle Cash Flow team. 

If you liked going to our live events... think of this as a totally safe live event that doesn't end! 

It's getting those golden nuggets that can sometimes make an entire day at a seminar worth it. I went to the TEDx seminar with Grant Cardone, and he has a great presentation and he gives so many great tips, but if I were to sit there with a notebook, just crawling down everything Grant says, I wouldn't be able to retain any of it or make use for it. 

So I try to find the little bits and pieces that I know that I can focus on over a period of time. 

I try to give my own golden nuggets - simple things you can focus on. And they are going to be nothing like you've ever seen before. 

I've got an uncanny ability to boil down my success to the most basic aspects that anybody can repeat. 


My Exclusive, Personal Toolbox

You're going to get every tip, trick, code, tool, tactic book or template that I am using in my business to guarantee consistent success.

That's pretty important. 

Because having the tools has stopped a lot of writing careers completely cold, you've got to be able to succeed and do better than that. It also means you're going to save time writing, describing, making advertising - all with THE most high impact, high conversion material I can find. 


Multiple Streams Of Income

That way if one aspect of your business goes a little bit downhill, you've got three or four that are steadily making money.

I can't even describe to you the security that comes from knowing that no matter what happens, you are going to be in the green, and not just surviving but thriving in your online business. 

It just feels special. 


Customer Targeting And Conversion

Honestly, you can only write so many books - so hopefully you have an audience and SOON, not just prospects and customers. 

The beauty of having an audience is that you don't have to spend money on building an audience because those people will come back to you again and again. That means you're spending a little less on advertising and you're retaining the customers that you have. 

And if you haven't structured your business the right way. It's very easy to have a business where you only have a couple of books, people get bored with you, and suddenly you're spending a lot of money on advertising, instead of really having it locked in and having a wide variety of things people can buy pretty early on in your career, that's pretty great right. 


Advertising And Following Up

When you start advertising you're going to realize how expensive it is. If you are having high turnover of customers in your business, that means you're spending money on a fancy cover, you're maybe hiring somebody to write for you and make your advertisements...

If the actual follow up process after the sale, it's not good enough those people will get bored with you. They will leave you behind for something else. 

We're also going to talk about how to spread the word for your business and how to encourage other people to spread the word that's going to be just a huge deal that gets you more income, every month and, more importantly, it's residual income. 

It's people buying from you more than once. So, I want you to ask yourself, if you could get 10 times the results in the average amount of time, would you do it? Of course you would. That's like if somebody offered you a free ice cream cone - you take it.


Effective and Timely Content Creation

Minutes can earn you hours, hours can earn you days, days can earn you light years and put you so far ahead of the competition that your head would spin. 

One of the reasons why I talk about success leaving clues is that the most successful people have a system for creating new content. 

So an average writer is sitting there at their desk or their computer and they're waiting for inspiration and they think that they're going to be able to float on that inspiration like magic. But it turns out to not be the case. 

Or, by the time that the inspiration fairy sprinkles a little pixie dust on them. They are months behind. 

REAL BILLS do not wait on inspiration, they never have and they never will. So I want you to get ahead of inspiration, so that you are creating really cool stuff that you're proud of on a timeline that your family can be proud of.


Victory Testimonials

This is a testimony based business. 

And I want people who are in the Inner Circle to testify about their wins - small ones and big ones . First of all, it reminds you that it's possible. 

I grew up in an environment that didn't remind me things were possible. In fact told me that things weren't possible. It was a toxic environment that I had to brainwash myself out of... 

I had to train myself to believe, even when there wasn't evidence! So I want to make believing easy because there's going to be abundant evidence everywhere. This is the quickest smartest way to become not just a professional author, but a super publisher!

Well, what's the normal prices for access to this kind of membership?

Before we get to the price, we need to talk about the value. 

I believe in only making high value material. If it's not high value to me I don't bother because believe it or not, high value or low value... you're still working very hard. 

So you've really got to really look around at all of these other Kindle courses that cost, $997, maybe even a couple thousand dollars to meet with a guru author in person, or over a Skype call. 

Maybe you think that you need to invest $997 in order to understand the marketplace because that's the standard price. 

Well, it's worth twice that. Once you start a book you have a stream of income that's going to stay around forever. 

So what is it worth financially to have an education in the fastest growing part of the online business sphere? Education is valuable. I told you that... but it's not every thing. 

What is it worth to develop a talent for writing publishing and promoting your work? Well, I told you talent is important, but it's not everything. 

What is it worth to become a member of the inner circle? 

Well. $2,000 would be a fair price for me to sit down and talk to you about my life in my business personally. Normally, we sell it at a great discount from that, at the average rate it's $597. 

This is a fair price it's a reasonable price. 

But what happens when you take a reasonable action, and you're struggling?

Well, generally if you're struggling person and you do reasonable things... you don't get great results.

So, I want to reach down and give you a hand up - a great opportunity. So it'd be a great opportunity for us, a $597 course. 

Maybe 30% off? Maybe 50% off?

Let's do something totally different. 

Let's give 75% off and let's make it $67- to become a member. 

I think this is just enough for an average person to be engaged and take it seriously without breaking the bank, making you pay a loan or get help from family. 

Take one month. You can get in here and be a part of the inner circle, you can meet people, you can share your stories, you can learn everything that I can teach in those first two weeks.

$597 would be a fair price to consult with us for just one hour. Remember, we're doing this business for REAL.

You are not going to have to pay for a seminar, you are not going to have to pay for a flight, you are not going to spend money on a hotel room. And you know this is a good deal because those are the kinds of prices that we charge for our live events, they are not cheap. 

So when we say that these are the kind of numbers that you'd be used to paying. It's not a number that we pulled out of our rear - it's really the value of our time. That's how we do things.

All of this is put together with clearly written and clearly illustrated terms, these are beautiful videos. 

And you're going to have access to them, but you are not going to pay $597, you are not going to have to pay $397...

Get your success for a one time, 100% refundable deposit in the amount, right here. 

You Don't Have To Say Yes - Just Say Maybe And Remember ONE Book Can Recoup Your Costs Here.

That's NOT just a theoretical possibility... it's our business model. We're definitely not grinding on this for something that's NOT making the money. 

So, get it risk free right now. use the strategies, start building your portfolio of profitable Kindle books. 

Enjoy the results for a month.

If you don't feel like you're on the right track, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, if this wasn't everything that I said it would be, send me an email with the word refund and we will send you on your way.

One stream of income, one profitable book, can pay for this very quickly... but imagine having 10,  because THAT is a much bigger business, imagine having 20 or having 30 awesome sales machines... now you're living in our world. Would that be worth it, it absolutely would. 

And we're so convinced that the author's inner circle can help you get more readers sell more books and multiply your success. We're gonna put our money where our mouth is. 

Folks, are you serious? 

If you're serious do this next click this button below and join us.

We're asking you a simple question. 

Are You IN Or Are You OUT?

Who is this for?

Well, it's for authors that have a couple books out and want to make sure that the beginning of their career takes off. 

It's for people who have already written a handful of books and want to take things to the next level. 

It is for people who are on the upper rungs, and they are close to breaking through to that $20,000 a month mark, but they need a little bit of advice for somebody who's already there. 

It's for people who are just starting out, and just want the best advice available in a supportive environment. 

It's for you, and you can get this for a very inexpensive price. So click that button, we'll start working together today, and I will see you on the other side. 
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