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Join Us For A Live, Hands On Workshop Where We'll Take You By The Hand And Walk You Step-By-Step Through The Process Of Creating An Amazon Kindle Publishing Business That Generates Long Term, Monthly, Recurring Income. 

Join Us LIVE, For 1 Whole Day In Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

Discover how hundreds of passionate, new people just like you are using the Kindle marketplace to build and grow six-figure businesses.

It might be strange to imagine at first, but picture this…
You wake up – without an obnoxious alarm clock, dreary commute, or overbearing boss – and learn that you’ve earned money while you slept!
You make money that goes straight into your bank accounts! (Instead of slaving away in a dark and dusty office, earning money for your bosses and managers.)
You run a business that grows and produces profits with minimal upkeep, freeing up your time for travel, family, and passion projects!
You might claim it's impossible. But it's true.

Thousands of people are taking advantage of Kindle marketplace’s monstrous power to sell thousands of ebook copies, earning thousands of dollars of pure profit each and every month. They easily make enough to quit their jobs, travel the world, and do whatever interests them.

What are they doing? Creating ebooks and publishing them online. That’s about it.

Taking advantage of this opportunity is much easier than you may think.
 •  You don’t need to have advanced computer skills. In fact, if you can play Solitaire, check emails, and surf the web, you have all of the skills you need to run this business.
 •  You don’t even need business experience; publishing Kindle ebooks online is a very accessible business model. It’s friendly to beginners. There’s minimal upfront investment involved and minimal risk. There are no time pressures or deadlines, and your profit margin is nearly 100%.
 •  And after the initial work of publishing and marketing your ebook, you can continue earning royalties with a few clicks of your mouse every few months!
Though this process might feel a bit intimidating at first, the process of creating and publishing Kindle books, with the right tools, is incredibly easy.

All you need is the proper guidance.

Ty Cohen

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Marketing and Kindle Publishing Expert
Ty Cohen is an accomplished publishing expert, internet marketer, and entrepreneur.

Over a decade ago, Ty took a major gamble with his life financially by quitting his corporate job and starting a business of his own.

That business soon became both an offline and online success generating millions of dollars in sales. And not only it transformed Ty’s life, but it also transformed the lives of countless others in just a few short years.

Over the last 11 years, Ty has taught tens of thousands of individuals how to become financially free by publishing simple Word documents on Amazon Kindle. The same system he uses to generate upwards of $50,000.00 a month with Kindle publishing.

After creating millions of dollars in sales and successfully working with thousands of clients across the globe, Ty decided it's time to take the next step.

He decided to take his expertise and help individuals and businesses around the world find that missing piece that would allow them to create lasting success in both business and life.

Marty Cooney

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Online marketer
Entrepreneur, Speaker and Online Marketer, Marty Cooney is a 25-year-old who specializes in “Kindlepreneurship.” He also teaches internationally on topics such as, “How to earn money online” and “ How to create a 6 figure income from publishing books Amazon.”

Marty first started KDP in late 2013, with a self-written series titled, “Lone Wolf: The Hunt”. However, that book wasn’t well received by the readers. One reviewer even said: “...if I
could, I would give this book a negative rating.”

After many struggles and failures, he decided to team up with Joshua Montoya and do KDP together.

They were able to scrape together $250 to hire a ghostwriter since they felt they weren’t the best at writing themselves. Their first check was .35 cents. The following month it was $530, then $2400.

After 3 months their check shot up to $14,000. Now, he’s sharing his story with people who need to hear it.

Joshua Montoya

Author, Marketing Expert
From Fast Food to Freedom, Internet Marketer Joshua Montoya rolled into the world of Digital Marketing back in 2010.

Joshua started his journey online with Fiverr.com where he turned his $5 gigs into a $400 per client residual gold mine writing for different clients.

He is now a self-published author.

His self-publishing business brings him about $30,000/month passive income. He also teaches people all over the world how to publish their own books on Kindle. And turn their passions into profits.

Joshua also specializes in self-publishing lead generation, social media marketing, email marketing, outsourcing and product development.

Now, he's teaching others how to take advantage of these opportunities to create massive profits with their Kindle businesses.
The best thing I can tell you is that KEEP IT SIMPLE. The power of this business model is the simplicity of it, that’s exactly why now in almost 8 years, my system has barely changed.
Alright, ready?

That’s Why We Are Formally Inviting You to Join Us Live at One of Our Upcoming Kindle Cash Flow 1 Day Popup Workshops!

During this 1-day workshop, our full attention will be on the topic of setting up and growing your Kindle business.

Sure, you can get an online course and figure a lot of the basics out for yourself. But we find that with an in-person workshop, filled with passionate business-minded people, you really get the most worth-while experience. 

Every single thing we discuss will much more likely stick with you, simply because you’re surrounded by instructors and attendees who are motivated by success and prosperity.

Unlike a webinar or online course, every single moment of this event is dedicated to business success. For this reason, it’s hard to become distracted.
Here Are The 3 Most Frequent Questions I Get About Starting a Kindle Business…
What Is The Kindle Cash Flow System & What Do You Get From It? 



In this module, you will learn to overcome the trading-time-for-money mentality, something all too common in most workers and middle-managers. You will learn how to leverage assets, your work, and the work of others to create recurring income, day after day.

You will also learn to overcome the need to be an expert in everything you do – including the need to feel qualified – before taking your first step. This is a common procrastination tactic for many beginners!

Many of the components of Kindle Publishing can be outsourced to others’, who can provide good quality work at a fair price; this leverage allows you to continue growing your business instead of getting stuck on less important details.

These modules alone are more than worth the price to get in!



It’s not just the information…
In this module, we look at how you can choose book categories which are proven to attract buyers, all while managing competition. 

In spite of what you might believe, competition is not bad; the fact that competition exists means that there are people selling in that category (very well, at that). All you have to do is to create a book/product/offer that is more slightly more compelling, and you’ll be sure to make a profitable impact.

We break down free and low-cost tools which you can use to understand what’s selling and what is not.



Sharing what you know - and making sure nobody forgets.
Now that you know the kind of book you want to write, it’s now time to create it.
Some books, you can write yourself – especially if you have experience and qualifications – however, it often makes much more sense to pay an outsourcer to handle the complicated process of researching, drafting, editing, and formatting your Kindle book. This arrangement helps you focus on growing your business, especially at this crucial early stage.

There is a risk of overpaying for a low-quality book that’s poorly written, doesn’t sell well, and gathers tons of poor reviews. But not to worry! We teach you how to find talented writers who are willing to create high-quality books that readers will love. You can negotiate for them for a reasonable price.

The best part is that once your outsourcer hands you the final version, the rights are yours! You can begin making money straight away, and all the royalties belong to you.



It’s not just the information…
You now have your completed book, but there are a few more steps that you need to complete before others will want to buy.
First, you need a high-quality book cover. We teach you how to find outsourcers that will give you fully-customized eye-catching covers for UNDER 15 USD a piece.

Second, you need a compelling book description. We’ll take you through a step-by-step process to write a description that’s not only appealing and persuasive to readers, but complete with certain phrases which make you more likely to be promoted by Amazon.

Third, you’ll have to publish your book through a lengthy publishing process. We hold your hand and tell you exactly what will get you approved, as well as what will maximize your sales in the long-term.
We also show you how to adapt if your Kindle book is somehow rejected by Amazon.

Last, your new book will quickly gather dust (and make no sales) if you don’t market it effectively. We teach you how to find new readers, buyers, and reviewers who will engage with your new book.

We will teach you how to earn positive reviews and to establish credibility.

Bonus #1: Take advantage of this free Amazon promotion tool to help you become an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in your category. This is a credibility-booster that you can proudly showcase in your biography or book description for the rest of your career.

Bonus #2: Learn how to promote your Kindle books automatically in a way that won’t come off as ‘spammy’. In fact, readers will happily buy when you do this.



Where the magic REALLY happens - unlocking true time freedom.
Once you publish your first Kindle book and receive your first sale, you’ll feel a newfound confidence. You’ll realize what is possible through the Kindle marketplace. You’ll get a sense for what earning passive income feels like.

Though this stage goes beyond the challenges faced by most beginners, we give you step-by-step instruction for how to continue adding new titles to the KDP marketplace, how to become a top-seller, and how to use marketing tools intelligently, which will allow you to step away from your business and still continue to earn sales, profits, and high-ratings.

Automating your business process earns you freedom and independence. You get to operate your growing Kindle business from anywhere in the world with an adequate internet connection. You get to spend more time with family and travel as you please.
After maximizing your Kindle business, you can even leverage your confidence, business experience, and marketing techniques towards building new businesses that operate at a larger scale.

What Others Are Saying

Here are just a few things that previous attendants have said about our Kindle Cash Flow Live workshops:

What About The Competition?

That’s a fair question; what if everyone’s trying to get their piece of the pie? Won’t it get smaller?

Not at all.

In fact, it’s easy to find that the Kindle marketplace grows year after year, meaning that the pie keeps on growing. If you’re smart about growing your Kindle business, you can claim a big chunk of that increase.

In the images below, you can see that the Global Fund grows year after year – from $14.9 million in March 2016, to $26.1 million in November 2019.

In reality, most people cut their teeth in Kindle and try it out for just a few months but quit because they make too many avoidable mistakes and become frustrated.

They do earn some sales but don’t figure out how to automate and systematize their business process, which is the most important part when trying to scale and grow.

With Kindle – as with any business - it’s the smart and proactive publishers earn a large cut of the profits. This workshop will teach you how to become just that.

Price Increases By $100.00
Every Friday At 12 Eastern Time Up Until The Workshop!

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For Our 1 Day,
 Nashville, Tenn. Workshop, Taking Place
February 2nd 2020
For Our 1 Day
Las Vegas 
Workshop Taking, Place
February 24th 2020

Why You Must Act Now.

When you secure your ticket right now, today from this page you'll get to attend our one-day Workshop at a discounted early-bird rate of just…



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That You'll Ever See!

This price is a steal compared to the income potential you gain from learning how to create a business system that can generate thousands of dollars of monthly near-passive income.

If just one Kindle book earns 10 dollars of royalty every day for three months, earning a total of 900 dollars – something quite easy to achieve – you’ve more than paid for the cost of this workshop, including the cost of gas and any restaurant of choice after the day is done.

The Bonuses You Get Today When You Join Kindle Cash Flow
You Need The Community
Fast Action Bonus #1 (Value: $1,497)
With seats filling up, you’re sure to make plenty of new friends, accountability buddies, and potential mentors. This will surely be a game-changing workshop for you … but only if you act quickly.
The Competition Is Fierce
Fast Action Bonus #2 (Value: $1,497)
If you wait for too long, every last seat will be reserved by someone serious enough about using Kindle to transform their personal and business life.

The ability to make a firm decision is crucial to success, especially in business. 

So is the ability to weigh the pros and cons of a decision, which includes the return on investment for every action you take. So, let’s view your decision to attend under these terms:

he Math Is Staggering
Fast Action Bonus #3 -Socializer($997 Value)
The knowledge needed to publish just ONE Kindle book onto the marketplace and earn 10 dollars in royalties per day (a very achievable goal) is worth $3,650 after one year. If you repeat this process with 9 other books, you could be making a full-time annual income of $36,500 that is almost completely passive after your initial setup.

After completing Kindle Cash Flow Live, you’ll know exactly what to do to be publishing and selling 15, 25, 40, 75, or 100 Kindle books. Multiply that by 365 x $10/day, and you can begin to see just how explosive your income might be in 2020.

The WORST That Could Happen

Let’s say that you invest in our workshop, follow every step to the letter, and still don’t make a single sale. (This is so unlikely as to be nearly impossible).

Even if that were the case, you will have still earned valuable business skills – leveraging outsourcers, budgeting, digital marketing, and public relations, to name a few.  You would have also learned persistence, independence, patience, and collaboration. 

These are abilities which you can apply to almost any company or business down the road. You will not learn these skills unless you apply what’s found in this workshop. In short, even if you happen to make zero sales, your money was not wasted.

The truth is, the VERY worst that can happen is that you choose to stay home and miss out on learning these valuable business skills.
Today, you can choose to take meaningful action on that business you’ve always dreamed of starting, but this is only possible if you decide to attend our one-day workshop.

Our Confidence In This Plan Is Absolute.

•  We are confident that you will benefit substantially from our one-day workshop. That’s why we are extending to you our 100% iron-clad money-back guarantee.
•  If by incredible luck, you’ve booked another business workshop on the exact same date, or you experience an emergency before the event, you may cancel and collect every last penny.

This guarantee is even valid until two hours into the workshop itself. Even if you decide that this kind of business really isn’t for you.
This offer is an act of goodwill to prove to you that we’re serious about bringing you results through the Kindle marketplace in 2020.

Act Now Or Miss Out Until Next Year

The early-bird special expires so.on meaning that you will no longer enjoy your discounted rate once it does, afterward attendants must pay a general admission rate of $697.00, which still offers a very hefty return on investment if you apply the lessons.

But don’t let the date fool you; since this is such an irresistible offer, seats are filling up rather quickly, meaning that we might sell out and close our doors to new buyers before the early-bird special expires.

We are only offering this workshop once per year, meaning that you will go without cutting-edge and transformational instruction until 2021. By then, you could have been earning monthly royalties multiple times the size of this initial investment.

If clicking the button below still brings you to a checkout cart, this means that the doors are still open. Click the button to find out, then fill out the details and receive a confirmation email telling you how to attend this transformational workshop.

Over $5,976 In Bonuses
Start Now! 
For Our 1 Day,
 Nashville, Tenn. Workshop, Taking Place
February 2nd 2020
For Our 1 Day
Las Vegas 
Workshop Taking, Place
February 24th 2020
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